Innovative singer and songwriter, Dana Carmel released her groundbreaking new album, Validity to the public, September 2012.

Having recently relocated to New York City, Dana Carmel is obviously thriving in her new environment. Her continued introspective soul-searching style has helped her achieve a completely new and exciting intensity of musical awareness with her latest CD, Validity.

No ordinary Pop musician, Dana’s easy, infectious style speaks to listeners on a raw, open level that so many artists today strive for, yet seem to miss.

Dana recorded her Validity album with Jon Evans, the talented bass player known for his work with singer, Tori Amos. Dana also collaborated with several other amazing musicians on the album, including Scott Amendola, who plays drums, and Julie Wolf on piano.

Dana is no stranger to hard work and multi-tasking. Her ambition, motivation and drive are apparent in everything she does. Dana’s current project, Song in Your Box, keeps her busy writing a song a week for a year. “It’s a very exciting and challenging project and allows me to practice imperfect action,” says Dana, “To get the song in your (in) box all you have to do is sign up for my list!”

Validity is the eye-opening result of Dana’s search for answers through music. Always one to look inward for solutions to so many of life’s questions and issues, Dana willingly exposes herself through her words and music. “Basically, I’m lonely, determined and creative. I want people to hear my music,”Dana offers candidly.

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Do You Have Dreams you can Fly?

So we are rolling along through the summer and I gotta say I have been really determined to have the most fun and adventurous time that I can.
One habit of mine that has been with me for a very long time is that I think a lot. Like, a lot lot.

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